Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Impromptu Tea Party Picnic

On Memorial day we didn't really have any plans. We tried to think of something, nothing sounded good. Then my hub said hey why don't we go shopping to pick up some things for a picnic and Lean (my daughter) can have a picnic with her friends. Sounded good. He asked if I could make special plates for them or something. Like a tea party?? I'm in.

So off they went to the store and off I went to look for some tea party goodies. Why, Jean Knee do you have a well organized, well tea party stocked house? No, I have a large craft hoard that threatens to take up the whole house. But hey, picnics are outside, right?
Any way here's how I threw together a tea party picnic in 30 minutes. First the picnic blanket. I usually keep a white twin sized top sheet to use at children's parties because it is cheap, pretty, and costs about $5.00 from Walmart, so when the spills come, don't even worry. But it was a bit windy and said blanket kept blowing up. So instead I spread two huge white bath towels onto the grass.
Then I grabbed some paper plates and cups left over from various parties and girlied them up.

I stuck a doily onto a pink plate using double sided tape. I took a length of crepe paper and made a twist about every inch and a half. I wrapped double sided tape around cup and stuck the twist on. I grabbed a basket and popped some flowers in for a centerpiece (it didn't even blow away in the wind) and tied a lace ribbon onto a pitcher of pink koolaide. We had leftover brownies but they weren't very pretty so I cut out circle shaped brownies, popped them into a cupcake liner and added whipped cream and a cherry. Beautiful. Careful these melt fast if it's hot, eat them first. The rest was just cheese and crackers, chips, grapes, anything else they wanted.

I turned out so sweet. Magical. Here's some real life things that happened: One girl went home never to return because we didn't spread the blanket where she wanted it. And two drinks spilled, less than usual. That's a fake cake in the table re-enactment, but ain't it cute?


Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Party Give Away

Brittany is having a fabulous tussie mussie prize give away on her blog. Hurry and enter now, it's darling.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cupcake picks

Can't you just see these adorning cupcakes at your very own mother-daughter tea? You don't need a reason, just do it (thank you Nike).

Fluffy Tags and Tussie Mussie