Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Door Hanger Swap

I was recently involved in a Halloween swap and my partner was the fabulous
Jaime. Jaime paints the cutest shirts and onesies for children. She also loves crepe paper just like I do. I sent her a bunch of crepe paper things but she stepped out of the box for me. Jaime altered a frame (can be hung or set on a table) with black, sliver, and black glitter. She added the cutest cat with ribbons of tulle cascading from his feet. Many other little details were added like black polka dots and a Halloween ticket. It looks so cute sitting on a side table.

There were many other goodies added to the package as well. Check out that sparkly purple skeleton (I love those guys). Thank you Jaime. Everything was awesome, I hope we get to be partners again!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Won an Awesome Prize and I Didn't Even Have to Bribe Anyone

Feast your eyes upon this lovely Paris Collage by
Starry Deborah. Deborah is about to leave for Paris in a few days and keeps sending me taunting emails saying ha ha you have to stay home and scrub the toilet. Okay maybe I was the one who sent the taunting email. Yep, me, Deborah's too nice for that. Anyway she's going to have an awesome time and shop around for some kewl Paris crafting type materials while she's there. She has collage giveaways every month so go check her out.