Friday, April 30, 2010

Looks Like a Party Going' On

see how cute that topper looks on Rebecca's cupcake ?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Swap

Miss Rhea from
sweetnshabbyroses had a fun swap where you decorated recycled yogurt cups to make sweet Easter baskets. I had two swap partners which made it double the fun watching for the mail.

First up, because I received her package first , are the goods from

Closeup of the basket. I can never get enough of crepe paper. My hub said it looks like something I would make. He's right.

Here is a shot of the basket when it was full of goodies.

My favorite was the pretty pink rose clip.

And here are all the goodies. A small candle that matches the paper on the basket, a chocolate bunny (of course he's already gone, why do you ask?), a wand with a changeable scene, and some tiny lip gloss.

And now here are the goods I received from RebeccaHere are the things from inside the basket. Faux cupcake, pink mica flakes, accordion fold Easter booklet, ice cream bubbles and a glittered bunny wearing a rhinestone choker.

This faux cupcake was my favorite. I now use it to showcase my cupcake toppers in my shop. I think I may have hinted around for one. :)
Look at this lovely basket. Polka dots and crepe paper- things I swoon for.

Check out the handle, don't you love that silver peeking out?

I just want to say thank you to Rebecca and Taylor. You girls rock at swaps.

What I sent Taylor and Rebecca

Rebecca's basket is on the left, Taylor's is on the right.

See those cute as pie bunny girls? They were made by the cutest etsy shop.

For Rebecca

For Taylor