Thursday, December 27, 2012

Perfect Memory

There are always a couple of new things I just HAVE to try at Christmas.  One was   the snowman bottles, check.  Another was Christmas tree cookies.  Not just any cookies, the very ones I  saw on had to be those exact ones. The problem was I couldn't find the pin to go by.  I have pages and pages of likes and pins so I had to  make them from memory. So I made them and even took a picture to remind me to do them next year.  And yes I nailed them exactly as I found them on pinterest.

I was looking through some pins and found those much lusted after and revered Christmas tree cookies. And to my delight they look nothing like the "perfect pinterest "  cookies of my dreams.  Not even close, but much loved by me.  There is a lesson in here somewhere.  Hope your Holidays were awesome.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowman Milk Bottles

We made some cute snowman bottles that I saw on Pottery Barn's web site.  I used empty Starbuck's cappachino bottles.  The site says to hot glue buttons on but I used super glue so we could pour hot chocolate in without the buttons melting off.  You can use any kind of ribbon or fabric for the scarf.  I bought a pair of red fleecy sweat pants at Walmart for $5.00.  It was simple to just cut strips off the legs and wrap them around the bottle.  I fringe cut the edges on some of them. The straws came from Dollar Tree 6 for a buck.  They turned out so cute I can't wait to use them tonight.  There's still time to whip some up before Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowman Jars

While being overly obsessed with Pinterest's holiday happenings I fell in love with snowman jars.  All kinds of snowman jars filled with all kinds of things.  I just love those guys so my daughter and i made one.  Hers is filled with candy and mine is full of snow.  They were so fun and easy. We used an air dry dough to form the heads and used carpet tacks for the mouth, a toothpick for the nose and various doodads.  The jars were emptied and cleaned out jelly jars.  Cheap--always a plus.  They turned out pretty cute.  if you want to see some other snowman jars check out my pinterest board