Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Candy House

Wondering what to do with all that left over Halloween candy? You know, the "bad" stuff no one wants to eat: smarties, dum dums and such.

As part of your Advent activity why not make a Candy House? I had the privilege of helping Lean's class decorate these fabulous things. And no one lost an eye.


small size milk carton, cleaned and stapled closed
royal icing ( you can also use canned icing but it takes longer to dry, but hey its easier...I'm all about easy)
assorted left over candies
small paper plates

Smear a spoonful of frosting on bottom of plate and adhere to plate. Frost the other sides of the house. If using royal icing do one side , let child decorate, then do another side or frosting will harden.
When we made these with Lean's class we did one side at a time so no one had to wait too long. Push candies into the frosting. Voila!

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No Cool Story said...

I wonder if I could stand the temptation of eating my own house if it was made out of candy.