Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Secret Admirer Unmasked

And now the fun begins. These are the things I sent to my Secret Admirer, Amy. She doesn't know who sent them. She gets to blog hop until she finds out it was me, Jean Knee. This was a tough one because I didn't know who I was crafting for so couldn't find out her likes/ dislikes. We were to use three Valentine elements: cherub, heart, chocolate. Can't go wrong there. I hope you liked everything, Amy. I can't wait to read your blog and find out more about you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Haul includes: Valentine/cupid ring tray, vintage sachets, box of candy, tiny cupid and a gigantic ruby bling thing. Hand made hanging heart

Valentine Pick/ wand


Cheryl said...

What lovely sweets and treats you gave AND received! Thanks for joining us, Sweets! Hugs to you...cheryl :)

Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog said...

Hi Jeannie! My link on Jenn's page doesn't seem to work so I decided to let you know myself that I am your secret admirer!!! I had such fun putting your box together - I'm so glad to read you liked everything! Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Nan Slaughter,
(I think this is going to show my dogs blog - but you can find me at the above address.)

Miss Sandy said...

These are indeed sweet treats! Have a Happy Valentine's Day.