Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tea Time Swap

I was in the funnest swap over the Holidays (see side bar). My partner was the very talented and tea preoccupied Risa of The Partea Planner. Risa is a tea party professional, her parties are the prettiest, yummiest affairs you have ever seen. She has two party planning businesses so I have no idea how she found the time to put my awesome swap package together but she did. Try not to be jealous:)
I photographed everything when it first arrived but the photos stunk so I waited for a sunny day and finally we had one. The first thing I'm showing is a muffin tin full of goodies.

You're going to have to click on it to see everything: cupcakes, glitter, ornaments, chandelier drops.......

My favorite piece was a piece of vintage ephemera. She said it was an attempt but baby it is awesome. And funny. And sparkly.

Check out this recipe holder. It's a glammed up cookie sheet with cute magnets used to hold your recipe card while you're cooking. It is propped on an easel.

This sparkly tussie mussie has a sweet teacup and saucer perched on top. The inside was full of all kinds of goodies. An instant tea party was all packaged up in a cute boot shaped stocking. Scone mix and clotted cream plus there was also tea and candy but those have already been, uh, used up. Every package was packed full of little extras and decorated with cute ornaments. It was so much fun to get a package full of goodies all picked out for me. I loved it! Thank you Risa for being an awesome swap partner.

Check out Risa here

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