Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Match Box Swap

Here are the spooky things I received from Amy of Ruby Moon Art . The pictures are in mixed up order due to my blogging ability deficit.

A tiny decorated matchbox with a scrabble tile necklace. My daughter has been eyeing it so I have to watch out. Pretty trims

Pretty sculpture with a witch's broom and hat.

Gorgeous spoon assemblage with fluffy crepe paper. I adore crepe paper and this baby has FOUR layers. AND vintage buttons. AND glitter. Need I go on?

Here is the decorated matchbox that reads hocus pocus in a metallic like finish.

More spooky trims and tiny sculpted pieces. I'm thinking about adding a doll head to the boot. I love those things.

And my very favorite item is this tag banner. Made with sheet music and layers of pretty lace. I t is hanging in my dining room looking so vintage and sweet.

Thank you Amy for being an awesome swap partner. I soooo love Halloween and you made it even better.
AMY check out her blog here

I just checked out her photos on flickr--they are much better than mine so stop on over



Amy P said...

Yes! Do add a doll head! I was hoping you could continue embellishing those pieces, or glitter them...your choice :) glad you liked it all! I received yours today! Will blog soon, love, love, it! Thanks for the great swap :D

Diane Mars said...

You girls sure gifted each other some wonderful Halloween goodies! What fun, hope all is well I have been a busy busy girl not much time to come up for air! Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

I'm already married, but thanks for the sentiment all the same.
Let me just say I love your crafty blog and the BOO sheet music garland is simply perfect. I only do crafts that I can do in one sitting, with stuff I have on hand, and that fits the bill.