Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Mallo-licious, Baby!

I was in Walmart yesterday just looking around at all of their Easter merchandise when I came upon these babies.  Adorable marshmallows in ice cream, strawberry and cupcake shapes.  Each bag only a dollar.  That dollar price tag gets me every time.
 I also found these Wilton baking cups.  More than a dollar but what are ya gonna do?  You have to have a cute container for those cute mallos.  Am I right?
 I ended up liking the ice cream ones the best so I put them in a baking cup, added a pretty umbrella and there you have the perfect little mallow decoration and treat. mmmmm

I think it would also look cute at a baby shower.  Shower- umbrella.  see what I did there.
I'm thinking about adding the lace umbrella to my shop, what do you think?

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