Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Really Works

I saw a tip on pinterest that said to soak paintbrushes that have dried acrylic paint on them in Murphy Oil Soap for 24 hours.  I have quite a few brushes around that needed this treatment- you know how you get in a hurry and forget to clean your brushes.

Now some needed an extra couple of days and some came off after two, depends on the paint I guess and maybe how long its been dried on there.  If it doesn't come off just keep soaking them.

I Love This TiP!

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Diane Mars said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes, and yes you guessed it I'm 29! Love the paint brush tip..hubby is always on my case for the mistreatment of my brushes LOL. I am working on Christmas goodies I kinda just let Halloween slip by shame on me! Hugs, Diane