Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Really Works

I saw a tip on pinterest that said to soak paintbrushes that have dried acrylic paint on them in Murphy Oil Soap for 24 hours.  I have quite a few brushes around that needed this treatment- you know how you get in a hurry and forget to clean your brushes.

Now some needed an extra couple of days and some came off after two, depends on the paint I guess and maybe how long its been dried on there.  If it doesn't come off just keep soaking them.

I Love This TiP!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Witch Hat Swap Spoiler alert Sandy, look away now

Oh yeah its almost Halloween, sorta. And I was in a witches' hat swap.  My partner was Sandy and this is the darling hat she made me.  It has plenty of vintage details and a really kool black glittered skeleton.  I love those things.
I don't have a picture yet but the hat is sitting on a silver glittered skull.

And here is the hat I made her.

You can check out her blog here  She's taking a break but will be back soon.