Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More "Peeps in the Park"

This Easter we decided to do a Peeps diorama.  We called it "Peeps in the Park"  ta da! This first photo shows a motorcycle rider wearing a cool leather head band. vrrrroom

 Next up we have two peeps selling freshly picked flowers.  They are two for $5.00 today only.
The next peep is riding in a boat made by my husband.  Like those basket filler waves?

And here we have a peep bar- be- queing some delicious meats.  He's holding tongs made out of a twist tie.

Here's a quick areal  shot. Check out more peeps projects on pinterest.

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Diane Mars said...

LOL Very Cute you had a team effort going on I love it! Hope you had a wonderful Easter loved all your spring Goodies you were selling this year. Big California Hug, Diane