Friday, January 20, 2012

Cupcakes: The Birth of the Tutu topper

I love cupcakes frosted like these.  So gorgeous winding around a cupcake.  Ready for anything.  I have watched tutorials on how to do this and have tried to get this look.  But it just aint happening for me.  Mine is crooked and bloppy.  So today I was messing around with lollipops and cupcake toppers and then I happened to put them together and ta da.  A lollipop wearing a tutu which looks like that frosting I love but now don't have to master.  YES!  Lame frosting skills led me to a topper I love even more.

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Marcie said...

These are too darn cute. I would love for you to share them on my Fantastic Cupcake linky list in the left hand column of
Thanks, Marcie