Friday, January 27, 2012

Luscious Lipgloss

I'm sure you are all as addicted to pinterest as I am.  I love browsing that site seeing all the kewl STUFF.  When I came upon this recipe for delicious lip gloss I couldn't wait to try it.  Just two ingredients and a little container.  I opted to make ours in those bubble containers you get out of gumball machines.  My daughter and I were excited

.We followed the directions.  It looked and smelled heavenly.  We tried it on our lips.  I thought it was a little bumpy but looked really good.  I blotted some off with a kleenex and we were in business.  Smack smack smack.  Right about then my daughter starts whining that it is burning her lips.  Ow, oh, the pain.  I only felt a very slight tingle but who knows, her lips could have been chapped.  So she swiped it off and that was that.

It was fun to make and looked great (I used the cherry flavor because it was darker) . 
However, if you have kids involved forget about it.  It also does better applied VERY lightly.

see it

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