Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Funnest Drink Ever

I  know you probably saw those cute mini gingerbread houses perched as a garnish on the edge of drinks --they were popular over the holidays.  I wanted to try them but dang making a gingerbread house, even a small one, is a lot of work. 

Then I saw this adorable idea to put a mini cupcake on the edge of a glass of milk.  I saw some cute valentine ones at the grocery store yesterday.  I am going to link to the blogpost.  This is a new blog to me and I think it is fabulous.   She says that the cupcakes come off very easily so I was also thinking maybe one of those Little Debbie valentine cakes would work better, it might be too big but it seems a little bit stronger.  I was also thinking you could slide the mini cupcake onto the straw.

found here http://www.applevalleygirl.blogspot.ca/2013/01/cupcake-garnish-for-drinks.html

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