Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doily Banner

Remember I have 1000 doilies and I said I'd  be doing a bunch of stuff with them?  Well here is the first installment; a doily banner.  You can probably tell how to make one yourself but just in case I'm posting this tutorial.http://www.babble.com/crafts-activities/how-to-make-a-doily-banner/

Here's one I made and added mulberry roses to.

You can kind of see it hanging in the background.  I used a thin white string for mine.


VintageBettys said...

They are beautiful! I would love to have party decorations like that! I'm going to have to use this in the near future :)
Thank you for sharing


sherry said...

Your banner is so dainty looking. Love the little roses too. Did you make the parasol also? This would be cute for granddaughter's birthday with a tea party theme.


sherry said...
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