Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cupcake Wrapper Recycling

You've probably guessed that I have thrown about a million children's parties.  I like to use the decorations
over  for a while and then give them to goodwill.  But this time I recycled.  GO GREEN!
I had a pretty fabric table runner I've used a few times and am ready to let go.  I thought about making some kind of curtain but the material is very stiff so it wouldn't drape right.  I finally thought to make cupcake wrappers.  The fabric is perfect for them, stiff enough to hold them upright and sheer and pretty.  And you can clean them and use them over for another party.

I found a pattern for a wrapper online, printed it, and cut away.  They turned out really pretty.

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VintageBettys said...

That is so clever! I love to recycle things.