Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Fun From The Dollar Store

I also found these maypole candies at the dollar store.  They are so sweet looking all by themselves or displayed in a pretty vase.  And for cakes or cupcakes they are awesome.  You can bend them over a cupcake and secure with a toothpick to form a basket handle.  Spread them around the base of a cake to form a cute border.  And then there's this:

Get some extra long toothpicks.

Wrap the maypole into a lollipop shape.  Push the toothpick through all the layers.
then ta da!  A lollipop cupcake topper.  So sweet for a baby shower too.
this link shows a larger one with a free printable
UPDATE:  more examples of above ideas


 what's up with this one?  it's a bit wonky
We're eating this cake tonight.

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Diane Mars said...

Very clever i live just minutes from the $1 store and I am always looking at ways to use things in one of my projects. My daughter always buys those for parties I will have to share this idea. Have a Great Sunday, Hugs, Diane